The composer and performer, each dependent on the other, come together to showcase new musical works. Audience members attending CONGRUENCY experience a combination of live performance and spoken conversation between the composer and performer, revealing the collaborative genesis of each musical work.

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CONGRUENCY, the album will be released in late 2019 on the Aerocade Music label, and will feature 7 new works written by Pamela Z, Federico Llach, Anthony Paul Garcia, Leo Chang, Celka Ojakangas, Kevin Kelly, and Joshua Carro for Jonathan Morgan.


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Live SHows

Jonathan has produced installments of CONGRUENCY at the Santa Barbara Center for Art, Science, and Technology, Los Angeles City College, UC Santa Barbara Dept. of Music, and the Carlsbad Music Festival.


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THe Pieces

Jonathan has closely collaborated with composers to create musical works that push boundaries and invite listeners into a personal space of reflection.

Begin for solo viola and live electronics by Federico Llach (2017)
Wait for solo viola and live electronics by Anthony Paul Garcia (2011)
[[[clouded]]] for solo viola, live electronics, and live video projections by Joshua Carro (2016)
Toolbox for solo viola by Kevin Kelly (2017)

Forthcoming works by Pamela Z, Celka Ojakangas, and Leo Chang. Check back soon for more details.


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